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How Madre gained 145 Google reviews in just 30 days! - 224 DIGITAL

How Madre gained 145 Google reviews in just 30 days!


Madre is a South American-themed bar and restaurant based in Manchester, specialising in Tacos, Ceviche, and Parrilla-style cooking. They were looking to increase their number of Google reviews while also improving their average Google review rating.


While Madre already had a solid reputation, its goal was to expand its online reviews significantly to reflect its customer satisfaction and experiences. The aim was to capture more of the positive reviews that tended not to materialise. Customers who enjoyed the evening and promised to leave a review tended to forget once they had left the establishment.

Solution Implemented:

In October 2023, Madre implemented our custom-branded Google review cards. These cards feature:

  • The Madre logo is prominently displayed.
  • A direct link to Madre’s Google review page.

Madre places the cards with the bill, making it convenient for customers to leave a review by simply tapping the card with their smartphones. The servers were directed to ask the customers if they enjoyed their meal and if they would mind tapping the card to leave a Google review.

It yielded incredible results:

  • Madre’s reviews increased from 150 reviews in mid-October 2023 (when they received their cards) to an incredible 543 reviews by mid-April 2024.
  • They received an unbelievable 145 reviews in the first month of using the cards.
  • Their average rating improved from 4.14 at the start to 4.5, with a peak at 4.8.
  • The process was seamlessly integrated into the payment routine, being described as "quick, simple, and easy" by the staff.


The introduction of branded Google review cards has proven to be an effective strategy for Madre. Not only did the number of reviews increase significantly, reflecting broader customer engagement, but their overall Google rating also improved, due to the increased number of positive reviews they received.

The custom review cards fitted seamlessly into the payment process and upheld the restaurant's coherent style giving the customer added confidence in the process.  

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